M&E system is one of the most efficient systems, both in terms of performance and economic. M&E is considered as the most powerful systems in using as an independent unit. 
We specialize in providing the necessary M&E system which are designed to work synchronously, seamless and suitable in accordance different specialized projects:
  • Electrical system: Distribution low voltage system, Generators, electrical panels, transformer, UPS system, Lighting system, Observing camera system, Communication system, Telephone system, Computer network system, Cable television, and master antenna television system, LAN, WAN, and backbone system, Master clock system, Door video phone and Access control system, Nurse call system and Queue system, BMS system,
  • Mechanical system: Air-Conditioning and venttilation system, Clean room system from Class 100.000 to Class 100, Compressed air system, Boiler system, Medical gas system in medicine and hospital, Acoustics and vibration control system, Cold Storage, 
  • Plumbing, Drainage and Sanitary system: Hot and cold water supplpy system, Drainge system, Water treatment  and disinfection system, Sanitary fixtures,
  • Fire alarm and fire fighting system: Automatic spinkler system, Fire alarm system, CO2 and N2 system, Fire resistance material, Smoke Exhaust system, Staircase pressurization system, 
  • LPG Gas system,
  • Building management system.