We always listen, feel, penetrate in order to bring the user the best quality LED lighting products, enhancing the meaning of life.Therefore, the value that we really want to bring to consumers is from truly sustainable features and a healthy living environment.The LED bulb, that is the important step in achieving both of our goals. The light bulb has long been an product that is not strange to people, it attached to the life of more than a decade ago. With the development of society as well as technology, bulb have changed because of the emergence of compact fluorescent lamps and most recently, LED technology, also known as Bulb LED. In this article, we will find out some differences compared to incandescents and compact lamps – the strength, weakness and usability.

Advantages, disadvantages and performance of Bulb LEDs compared to compact and incandescent bulbs.

Inheriting the characteristics of LED technology, so Bulb LEDs have advantages compared to traditional lamps in terms of criteria:

– Performance: LED bulbs have higher light output than incandescent bulbs and compact but still save power.
– Fast turn-on time: The bulb has a rapid on / off time since having the impact (in microseconds), which gives the user the convenience of being able to use anytime without latency.
– Brightness: Some Bulb LEDs can easily control brightness by adjusting the pulse width or increasing the current.
– Longer life: This is the biggest advantage of LED bulbs in particular as well as LED lights in general, the life of the LED bulb is about 35000 to 50000 hours, much longer than fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs.
– High durability: LED lamps are made of semiconductor materials, so it is difficult to be destroyed by impact.
– Safety: The LED technology is non-toxic, does not contain chemicals such as compact lamps, so it is very environmentally friendly.

With these advantages, Bulb LEDs can be used for lighting in commercial centers, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, offices, houses, etc.

LED bulbs have good performance but still save power.