If you intend to decorate your home, office or shop, the LED downlight should be in the shopping list for lighting decoration.
So,What is LED downlight?

LED downlight is developed from traditional ceiling leds, which is an level-up product with the most modern LED light source application. Compared with traditional ceiling lights, LED downlights have the following advantages: energy savings, low carbon level, long life span, good color, fast response. The design of the downlight lighter is more beautiful and brighter, the installation is highly aesthetic. The hidden installation inside the architecture without breaking the light source. Light does not cause glare.

Application of downlights

LED downlights are fixed to the ceiling. It glows in the direction of determination. The downlights illuminates in the vertical direction. Beams are more concentrated than other lamps. Creates a highlight on the illuminated object and creates a special lighting environment.

Downlights are often used for lighting or decoration in homes, restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, supermarkets, showrooms, theaters, offices, etc.
Downlights can be easily applied for lighting in difficult to install areas or high rise areas.

Downlights’ features:

The life span of downlights are very long, saving the repairing and maintaining costs.

Downlight does not flicker and have good color displays, that not affect on the eyes when turned on or off, and lights are effective in relieving eye fatigue and helping to protect eyes.

It does not contain infrared, ultraviolet light, mercury and harmful substances, and it have low light emission, … does not pollute the environment.
Downlights are designed, installed in order to easy for using to replacement to other common lights.

Save up to 80% of energy consumption compared to conventional lights.

It does not emit heat when it is illuminated, and it protects the others from heat.
Downlights have very high light efficiency.
The working temperature of the downlights is only 5 to 8 celsius degrees higher than the ambient temperature, which is lower than normal fluorescent lamps at about 13 – 25 celsius degrees .
The color temperature of downlights with white light is 6000k, with yellow light is 3000k. With a normal light of 6400 k, we can use white light with approximately the same color temperature to illuminate very well, not harmful to the eyes and eyesight of the user.
Fast on / off.

Downlight type:

– On surface downlight.

– Inside downlight

Now you know what the downlight is, right? Also for more useful information on downlight please contact us.

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